Chris Brown allegedly threatened his tour manager to such a degree that she quit the gig. TMZ reports that Nancy Ghosh quit her job after Brown verbally harassed her in a dispute regarding the terms of her employment. Ghosh said she got off of the tour bus where the argument went down out of fear for her safety. The incident took place during the May 23 date of the singer's European tour.

Nancy Ghosh sent an email to Chris Brown's team the day after the tirade to explain that she did not feel safe. She characterized Brown as being "irrational and high on drugs." Ghosh also claimed that Brown told her he would do "what he did to Mike G" if necessary. That comment would be a reference to Brown's manager Mike G, who is currently suing the singer for assault.

Mike G alleges that Chris Brown beat him up about a month ago without provocation. The manager said that Brown led him into a room and began punching him repeatedly in the face and neck. Mike G's lawsuit states that the singer went mocked him on social media and bragged to friends about the incident. Mike G is seeking damages for the alleged assault.

As for Chris Brown's behavior on the European tour, Nancy Ghosh may not have been the only person to feel the singer's wrath. TMZ reports that a production manager on the tour made a complaint through his lawyer. The unnamed man affirmed that had been verbally abused by Brown as well.

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