Chris Brown has found himself in a social media beef with his former CBE artist Kevin McCall, who also collaborated with the singer on his 2010 hit "Deuces" featuring Tyga.

While it's unclear what prompted this war of words, the two being at odds is not a new development. McCall told Vlad TV about his issues with Brown during a video interview last year. In Flex We Trust reports that earlier this week, Kevin McCall said he would call his new album F.A.M.E, copying Chris Brown's 2011 LP of the same name. On Tuesday (March 8), McCall went on Twitter and directed a tweet toward Brown.

"We need to sit down and handle business," McCall wrote. "I tried the adult business route. I feel my kindness is being taken for weakness."

The singer-songwriter has continued to post on Twitter and Instagram about Chris Brown today (March 9) as well as responding to Brown's fans. McCall has asked for "Team Breezy" to stop listening to him as he does not want their support.

Chris Brown eventually responded with an Instagram post that asked, "Do you know who Kevin McCall is?" Later, he jumped in the comments of McCall's Instagram to unleash a longwinded comment. Here's a sample of what Brown had to say.

"This street shit is what I'm great at, a lot better than music," Brown wrote. "You better check the loose lips [before] I show [you] the real devil my n---a. You ain't shit, ain't gone ever be shit. Broke ass bottom feeder when I busted my ass so [you] could have the life [you] wanted and career. You are your own worst enemy."

You can read Chris Brown's full response below as the comment was captured in a screenshot by the Jasmine Brand.

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