Buffalo and Western NewYork listeners chime in on the conversation as we talk about Mayor. Byron Brown's statement on Gun Control. Take a look at his statement below!

“I support President Obama’s series of executive actions on guns which expand background checks and increase oversight. Unfortunately, we’ve seen far too many mass shootings in cities across the country and globe in recent months and I thank the President for taking this crucial step forward on gun violence.

“In Buffalo, we continue to work hard to address gun violence. Since 2006, we’ve removed almost 14,000 illegal guns from city streets, resulting in a significant reduction in violent and overall crime in the City of Buffalo.

“As part of ‘Gun Violence Awareness Month’ in Buffalo in June 2015, we raised awareness on this important issue by hosting a series of citywide events on gun violence, airing televised testimonials from local residents who lost loved ones to gun violence and by placing anti-gun violence messages on billboards throughout Buffalo.

“Every shooting takes a toll on the lives of countless individuals and we must do everything possible to eliminate gun violence on our streets.”