I was shocked when I saw this story and I'm just horrified that this could even happen on a school bus. A parent of a six-year-old boy says he was molested on a school bus back in December. The parent claims there was no aide present on the bus.

According to WGRZ, Sam Radford III, president of the District Parent Coordinating Council, told 2 On Your Side that his group wants the federal government to require bus aides on all school buses in Buffalo.

According to Radford, the child was a student at an elementary Catholic School on the west side. He reported to his mother that he was forced to perform a sexual act on an older student on the bus.

Radford claims the mother was told by the school that the child's story was not true; however, he says Buffalo police have video footage from the bus that supports the child's story of sexual molestation.

The student no longer attends the Catholic school.

The Buffalo Public School district provides transportation for students attending Catholic schools.