The latest entry into the BIG DUMMY FILES are the students in this video from Brigham Young University and how much they don't know about Black History. Stand up comic, Dave Ackerman, goes to Brigham Young University to find out what BYU students know about Black History Month. Your initial response to watching this video may be  these students are racist. No No No..... these students are STUPID, plain and simple. Don't make the mistake of someone being stupid for racism. This is a reflection on America. There is a huge race relation problem in this country because the majority of people don't know about the history of America. Black history is not just Black history, it is the history of America. It is the history of the world, there is not a civilization that hasn't been influenced by blacks. This video highlights the ignorance of all races, even black people on Black history. The comedian is kind of wack too. I don't see why the black face was necessary ? The interviewees ignorance was funny enough. Welcome to the Big Dummy Files.