Caution, this video will have you screaming and cussing at the stupidity displayed on your computer scene, an 18 month old toddler put their child in the washing machine at a Laundromat in New Jersey.

A practical joke nearly turned tragic when all of the sudden the washer door locked, filled with water and the little boy began to agitate along with the dirty clothes!


This disturbing video shows the boy's babysitter's man scoop up the tot, put him into one of the front-loading washing machines, then shut the door.

The machine then starts running. The man panics and tries to open it, but the automatic lock keeps it closed.

The babysitters try frantically to open the washing machine while the boy tumbles around inside, his tiny feet with white shoes seen tumbled over each other.

An attendant manages to access the back of the machine and turns it off. The Dad grabs the boy and the trio runs out the door without even drying him off!

As a parent of a young child looking for a sitter, this is very disturbing that she would allow her boyfriend to but the toddler in the washer as a JOKE!! WTF??

Are there any trust worthy babysitters outside of family members?