Each and every year people line up outside of their favorite BIG chain store to take advantage of Black Friday sales. This has got to be one of the most backwards thing that takes place in America. Let me get this straight you want me to stand outside in the COLD, so I can come in and give you my money ? You have got to be kidding me right ?

People run to these stores like sheep, and act like a bunch of uncontrolled Elementary school children when school is being dismissed for summer break. The prices maybe unbelievable but 9 times out 10 you won't be the one to get them . People rush out to the store in middle of the night, risk being trampled in a stampede for this Black Friday thing. All to get a bottom of the line laptop for $299. People who really want or need these items, its understandable.

For the most part the people at Black Friday sales are just there to say they got a good deal on something. That they probably didn't want or need. STUPID right ? Most of the people at these sales are going in debt because they didn't have the money to pay for these items anyways that is why they are standing outside at the crack of dawn waiting for a good deal.

How many millionaires do you think wake up for Black Fridays sales ?.... This has to be one of the most idiotic things that Americans do EVERY YEAR. I will be in the bed sleep at 5 A.M. this Black Friday. I'm all for a good deal but not on stuff I didn't even come to the store to buy. Check out this stampede at a Buffalo Target for the door buster deal, as a reminder of WHY BLACK FRIDAY IS STUPID.