After a video of Katt Williams dancing, acting bizarrely and apparently getting jumped on stage at a Beanie Sigel concert in Philadelphia surfaced, many wondered how and why such a strange course of events was able to take place. While the video documenting the on-stage events has since been deleted, and questions still remain as to why Katt was acting as he did, Sigel took to Instagram on Tuesday (Mar. 8) to back up his comedian buddy and make a bold declaration about his hometown city.

The full IG caption can be seen above, but the abridged highlights are as follows. "His turn up is just different. He don't need Molly cocaine or any other dumbass drug you stupid ass n***** think he on," Sigel writes in response to those who concluded from the footage that Williams was abusing drugs or under some sort of influence. "There was no dice game.. The man has a level of love and respect for me that he feels most who claim they do especially from my city don't show," he says, referencing an alleged debt or bet that perhaps led to the skirmish.

Beanie closes by calling the security present at the show the worst in the world and saying, "So for the level of disrespect that was shown to me my family and KATT I will never I mean NEVER do a show in Philadelphia again!!!!"

As stated, check the full statement above and watch Katt himself put robbery rumors to rest in the video below.

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