Maybe this should happen in America?

2015 was quite the year of racial divide from many instances from the beginning of the year. It's a problem that the United States of America has struggled with for a long time.

2015 was also quite the year of bullying on the computer, people hiding behind the screen saying whatever they want without questioning anyone else's feelings. It's a problem that this country is still having.

Perhaps, though Brazil may have found an answer to battle both of these problems at once – by shaming them. A campaign called "Virtual racism, real consequences" finds racist and rude comments on social media and using their Facebook home location are able to put their comment on a public billboard within their neighborhood.

The comment roughly translates to "I got home stinking of black people." "Preto" is an offensive way to say "black" in Portuguese, compared to "negro," which is neutral.

The campaign was prompted after Brazilian journalist Maria Júlia Coutinho was targeted by racist Facebook comments online. Coutinho, the first black weather forecaster on Brazilian prime-time television, corrected another anchor on air in July. When another news site praised her for getting the terminology correct, Facebook commenters responded with a torrent of comments against everything from her hair to her race.