YMCMB artist Tyga has been climbing the charts with his hit single “Rack City”. The song is off his sophomore album “Careless World” which hit stores on February 21st after being delayed quite a few times. But he cant celebrate just yet!

Tyga’s album was pulled off shelves in Target and Best Buy the other day due to not getting the proper clearance for a sample. Apparently Tyga’s camp was never cleared to use an excerpt from Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech which appears at the end of  one of his tracks. Both stores are major music distributors and not getting permission from the King’s estate got his album yanked off the racks.

Around 150,000 physical copies were recalled but,  YMCMB just cleared the sample and is getting them back into stores. Before this, there was talks of Tyga debuting in the Top 10. However this incident may hurt his sales this week without a full seven days. Although his digital releases may still come through this is a big blow. I respect Tyga’s grind. He has been at it for a while so I hope it works out for him.