Rolling out the rumors for this week with  ADRI.V The Go Getta

Well Rumor has it that the odd couple Shaq and Hoopz have broken up again. According to the good folks at the break up started with a heated argument that they had in the car after Hoopz showed her “assets”  yelling and arguing with the staff at  the gym about how she wanted to take lessons in gymnastics to train for the 2016 Olympics after they told her that they don’t service people over 18 due to insurance purposes.…….really……. onlookers share that Shaq dropped his head in embarrassment and that’s when the argument kicked in once they made it to the car…..Not sure if the brake up is real or just a rumor but check out the tweet from Hoopz and tell me what you think….


All I want to say is that I KNEW IT! A while back I shared in the rumor report that Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa  may be expecting a baby and welp the rumor is indeed REAL!  Confirmed on my girl site shows a VERY pregnant Amber Rose. As you know Wiz and Amber got engaged earlier this year and I hear that the baby is due in January. Well Congratulations Rose and Wiz! Cant wait until they finally share that news…lol

After being pushed back not once but twice according to rumor has it that Lil’ Wayne and DJ Drama’s highly anticipated mixtape “Dedication 4″ is rumored to be dropped this Labor Day!  According to DJ Drama’s Twitter he hints that the mixtape my be hitting the net….Well I guess we will have to wait and see!    Labor Day, Monday, September 3 keep your eyes out for the Dedication 4


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