Activist and Ministers are calling for NIKE to lower the price of Jordans. Talk about REBELS with out a cause a group of activist looking to get Nike, Phil Knight (The Owner of Nike) and Michael Jordan to lower the price on Air Jordans so people dont act a fool. Really .... its not Nike's Phil Knight's or Michael Jordan's responsibility to teach people a simple thing called HOME TRAINING. Where does home training start at the HOME.

Instead of people teaching their children to value important things such as family, love and other wholesome VALUES. We as a people value being FRESH. People acting like animals to get the latest well actually not latest pair of Jordans is a reflection of people as a whole. Are Jordans worth waiting outside all night fighting people, and potentially killing someone ?

As a Michael Jordan fan and a owner of several pair of Jordans I would have to say No. The man at the end of the news clip summed it up best "If I get them I get them If I dont I go home". These people need to find a better cause to fight for lets start with the values of materialism amongst African American community. I know this sounds like a college dissertation, but nothing is going to change if people don't realize that Jordans aren't that serious.

I don't think its Nike's responsibility Phil Knight or Michael Jordan's. I'm sure none of their family or friends were fighting over Jordans. Anyways the original concordes weren't that hot to me, so i'm definitely not standing in line for the retro versions. They should've waited to fight over the space jams.

Local Activists Call for Air Jordan Changes: