Not another shooting in Buffalo. This shooting happened this morning (Thursday, August 25) off Bailey Avenue!


Buffalo police said that a 32-year-old man, who was shot early this morning, has been hospitalized and is in serious condition after he was shot around Bailey Avenue and East Ferry Street, according to the Buffalo News.

The shooting actually occurred on Zenner Street. The victim was taken to Erie County Medical Center. If you have information that may help police, call the Buffalo Police Department's confidential tip line at 847-2255.

This is my opinion: It's crazy how many shootings there have been this summer.  I really hope that we see these shootings stop happening altogether.  Buffalo is taking steps to become a booming, thriving city again that will hopefully benefit all of us. However, these shootings don't help!  We have to find better, non-violent ways to settle our differences! It's time to stop the violence!

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