We all love to spend as much time as we can with our furry companions, and that means dragging them everywhere we can; but there are a few places that you can apparently take your pooch that you might not know about.

Sure there's Petsmart, Petco and any other number of pets stores that we all know about, but what about when you are shopping for you? Can you bring your dog then? Well, according to BarkPost, there are a few stores you can have a shop day with your dog.

You should call ahead to confirm the location you are going to allows your pet.

  • 1

    Home Depot

    Yes, you can take your pooch with you when you are getting paint and nails.

  • 2

    Pottery Barn

    This just sounds dangerous.

  • 3


    Somehow I wonder if the cashiers would know this and except it...

  • 4

    Bass Pro Shops

    Dogs love to go fishin.

  • 5

    Barnes and Noble

    My dog always ate my homework; is there a guarantee he wouldn't eat all these delicious books?

  • 6

    LUSH Cosmetics

    Yeah. My dog has problems always eating my toothpaste...this would soooo not happen.

  • 7


    Hey they have small enough sizes, maybe your pooch will find something!

  • 8

    Urban Outfitters

    Chic no?

  • 9

    Tractor Supply Co.