Oh, Buffalo, how we love you. From your snow to your sports fandom, the late...errrr early hour to which the bars are open, the awesome little neighborhoods, to your vibrant arts scene -- there is always something to do in Buffalo, NY.

Including laugh at ourselves. Check out these quotes that describe life in Buffalo, NY, and share the best quotes you've ever heard about Buffalo or that just apply to Buffalo!


  • "It's not snowing right now, but give it five minutes."

  • "Drinking town with a sports problem."

  • "For Buffalo sports fans, there's always next year."

  • "My city smells like Cheerios."

  • "Buffalo Hates You Too."

  • "Get a six pack and wait for it to blow over."

  • "You may be Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, or atheist, but in Buffalo, you'll still grow up Catholic."