I HATE doing Blogs and stories about prominent African-American people... just as much as I hate doing News Reports that reveal and share negatives regarding ANYTHING African-Americans are involved in generally...

Today I'm doing a couple of Blogs that are disturbing to DO but more-so disturbing for another reason.  In general, I think most of what's reported about Celebrities is UNNECESSARY GOSSIP.... however...when it involves a Celebrity VIOLATING certain Social Acceptances... then it becomes PROBLEM...to me.

So here we have one of the two Blogs I'm doing today which are COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE in my opinion.  This Blog is about 50 Cent "Goin' Off" on his 16 Year-Old INNOCENT Son... regarding an incident where 50 went to see his son and the boy... according to 50... hid in the house and purposely did not come out.  If that is indeed what took place, and I were the Dad... I'd be HURT, UPSET, ANGRY, FRUSTRATED, ETC... and  because my son is 16 and old enough to think and act on his own... I would address the issue with him...BUT...my approach would be cautious knowing that his mind and thought regarding me have been shaped by "His Mother" who ahs more than likely BASHED me his entire life to the extent that it's rubbed off on him.  I would also realize that REINFORCING whatever lies she's told him about me, by cussing him out and telling him that I disown him as a Son would only confirm whatever (lies) she's ever told him about me.   It would be asinine and COMPLETELY UN-WISE to approach this situation by taking my frustration out on my Son... but that is exactly what 50 did.  Maybe you think it's appropriate... maybe you agree with me... tell me what your thoughts are!