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Chad Johnson acted as though he was on the football field and ticked off the judge enough to send his butt back to jail for the next 30 days. Today, Chad Johnson, a.k.a. Ochocinco, was in a Florida courtroom with his lawyer on a probation violation hearing.  As they got close to closing a deal so that Chad would only get a simple slap on the wrist, Chad did the no-no -- he slapped his lawyer, who is a male, on the butt -- I guess saying good job, as they would in football and basketball. But the judge didn't like the inappropriate behavior, so instead of the judge signing off they cuffed him and sent him to jail for another month.

I don't get this one -- where was your security? The San Francisco Police Department has revealed that 2 Chainz was robbed around 4:30 p.m. in San Francisco yesterday.   According to the police, after looking at the  video surveillance footage, it reportedly shows that once the incident occurred, 2 Chainz’s entourage of 14 people “ran away from the incident." The police department says 2 Chainz stated he wanted to handle the matter himself and states he was only robbed of a wallet.

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