When you live on the border of another country, and yes no matter how some of us think Canada is another country, you may start to pick some foreign habits up. If you do all of the things on this list,  you might want to reevaluate your citizenship because you might just be turning into a Canadian!

  • 1

    You Say, "Eh," and Not as a Joke

  • 2

    "It's A-boot Time!"

    Say it with me, "It's About Time!" If you are saying it the other way, then you've picked up an accent.

  • 3

    Tim Hortons, Tim Hortons, Tim Hortons -- That Is All

    If you are 90 percent Tim Hortons coffee, in addition to having an addiction, you might be turning Canadian. This is one most of us are probably guilty of!!

  • 4

    You Can Sing the Canadian National Anthem

    Okay, maybe a line, but if we just started you off and now you are singing the entire thing....well...

  • 5

    Poutine Satisfies Your Drunk Cravings

    Really, it should be Mighty Taco.

  • 6

    You Only Eat 'Real' Maple Syrup

    You could practically live on syrup and bacon.

  • 7

    Hockey - and ONLY Hockey - Is Your Sport

    And if you are cheering for the Maple Leafs, it's serious.

  • 8

    You Know What a Toque Is and Own Several

  • 9

    You Can Convert Kilometers to Miles

    In fact, you are all about the metric system. It makes more sense!