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Some Buffalo residents are still waiting on their first stimulus check and there are many Buffalo residents that could be vulnerable to scammers including the elderly. The Better Business Bureau says scammers are sending out text messages and emails, they are even going as far as calling people to steal their information.

There is a third round of stimulus checks on the way, which is really causing scammers to pull out any trick they can to get your valuable information. One of the creative tactics that scammers are using is, making phone calls and asking people to apply for a stimulus check or confirm that their information is correct.

The IRS has your information. If you pay your taxes, they have your social security number, they have your bank account number. So you shouldn't have to confirm any of that information.

said, Melanie McGovern, Communications director for the BBB of upstate New York.

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Getting a phone call or an email is not usual, it is a shame that some of the people who are more likely to be scammed are the ones that really need the money. Another thing that is newer for scammers is texting.

Texting is newer for scammers so people do opt-in for texts from their banks and things like that so you should be careful before you click any link and that you know what it is before you add any personal information.

said, Melanie McGovern According to WGRZ.

I know people personally that are still waiting for their checks, it would be really sad if they were a victim of fraud.

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