You have been a well behaved Capital Region so your curfew is being extended! That's what it feels like sometimes. Waiting for permission to stay out late. Now we have permission. According to CBS6, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is extending hours for New York's curfew rule for bars and restaurants.

Starting Monday April 19, instead of closing at 11pm, establishments will be able to remain open until midnight! Even later for catered events as they can remain open until 1am. On Friday April 23rd outdoor events will be allowed at 20% capacity so that could mean that fans may be able to attend auto and horse racing events.

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Of course you will need proof that you have been vaccinated to attend certain events. The COVID19 Vaccine Tracker:

  • 7.8 million New Yorkers have at least 1 dose
  • 5.1 million New Yorkers have completed their vaccine cycle
  • Approximately 46% of the population in Albany, Schenectady and Saratoga Counties have at least 1 dose
  • 458K in the Capital Region have at least 1 dose
  • 320K in the Capital Region have completed their vaccine cycle
  • 12.4 million doses have been given to New Yorkers

If you are now eligible for a vaccine here are some of the Capital Region locations to seek for appointments. I will be at the Armory in Albany Thursday for my dose of Pfizer.

  • Washington Avenue Armory - Albany - Pfizer
  • SUNY - Albany - Pfizer
  • Aviation Mall - Queensbury - Pfizer

As for me, I will find it difficult to be awake at midnight but I am happy for the businesses that rely on the extended hours to make a living and pay their people.


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