Every Wednesday Yasmin Young of the 2 To 6 Takeover and The People's Station will select WNY's Hardest Working Woman to feature here on WBLK.com and receive a prize! Meet our current winner, Jacqueline Knowles!

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  • Meet January 31st's Winner, Jacqueline Knowles!!

    Jacqueline was nominated by her daughter Nadina, who says "Nobody works harder than my momma! She has been a true pioneer of the community for over 40 years and still runs her successful businesses everyday, starting at 6am or sometimes earlier, working until 12am sometimes. Jackie Knowles, my mom, started in her early years as a bartender raising three children in her early 20's...from then she owned her own hair salon and would spend numerous hours working to make the community look and feel good. If you had a jerry curl then you went to my mom's! She is currently 65 years old and the owner of Jacqueline's daycare, where she currently serves hundreds and hundreds of children in WNY with top quality child care for over 25 years. She has given me the best example of how a great woman is suppose to handle her business. If she isn't the hardest working woman, I really don't know who is. Jacqueline Knowles is the hardest working woman I know!!!!" We salute you Ms. Knowles, you are AMAZING!!

  • Meet January 24th's Winner, Stephanie Smith!!

    Stephanie was nominated by her hubby Matt, who says "This is for my wife Stephanie. I wanted to nominate her for all the hard work she does everyday. Whether putting in countless hours at Geico, or helping around the house, she always has a smile on her face and deserves a break! She is super caring and is never thinking about herself, only others. She is definitely WNYs hard working woman of the week whether she wins or not!" Keep being amazing Stephanie!!

  • Meet January 17th's Winner, Angela Beasley!!

    Angela is a 50-year-old single mother of an 11 year old son. She is a senior at Empire State College, in the Business Management Program with a concentration in Human Resource Management. She says "I work a very stressful Job at BMHA, I am a housing aide a Marine Drive (go figure). I returned to college in 2016 after a 28 year absence. My Son is in the Pal Boxing Program, as well as the Pal Basketball. He is also on a junior bowing league. He is on the Honor Roll and an avid chess player. I am tired. I cannot stop, as I need to provide a good life for my son and show him a good example." We see you Angela!! Keep being a role model for your son and keep representing for hard-working women in WNY!

  • Meet January 10th's Winner, Courtney Lewis!!

    Courtney says, "I'd like to nominate my self for all I do. I've been working since age of 13, I had a baby at 18 and managed to graduate high school all while working in a pizza shop. I then when on to work home care an get my LPN pregnant with my second child working full time overnights going to school after work. Having my son going back to work now as an LPN and have my third child all while working full time. There's not a time when I didn't work for these babies and I'm now 24 working full-time overnights coming home to my three babies in the morning showing them nothing is impossible!!" You are an inspiration Courtney, keep reppin' for the hard-working women!!

  • Meet January 3rd's Winner, Sara Borges!!

    Sara was nominated by her daughter, Ruth Reyes, who says "She is a hard working woman who works 7 days a week doubles with no break to help support and care for my sister who recently was diagnosed with cancer. Not once does she complain, she goes to work at 4 am for 12 hours and still manages to be the rock of this family. She is a single strong independent woman, who has done it on her own and continues to do so. My mother deserves the world and more! It's not about how hard she works but how hard she works for everyone around her. I believe my mom is the hardest working woman today and always."

  • Meet December 13th's Winner, Cassandra Helsdon

    Cassandra says, "Growing up in the foster care system and going through all that I have been through in all my years I always told myself I couldn't become like the rest. Bouncing home to home never having any real guidance nor a mother or father I had to raise myself and because of that I have become a better person and a great mother though I never give myself enough credit. I've been working since I was 15 years old and everything I have I have gotten on my own for me and my babies there has been times I've had nothing and I found away to make sure mine never went without.I currently work as a CNA at a nursing home here in Niagara Falls, I work all day with the sick to come home to take care of my babies one who has Epilepsy..it's been a struggle but there's no limit to what a mother will do for her children. There are many hard working woman that I know and I give all respect to them I know all too well the definition of working hard and I do that each and everyday..." Keep being a strong woman and mother Cass! We salute you!

  • Meet December 6th's Winner, Joelle Davis!!

    Joelle is an Athletic Trainer at Excelsior, where she works in the clinic part-time and part-time as a trainer at Nardin Academy. She also works per diem as a trainer for various non-professional sports teams throughout Western New York. She just returned to the Buffalo area after interning as a athletic trainer for Alabama State University (ASU). Joelle works very hard to ensure all her athletes stay injury-free. Keep reppin' for the hard-working women Joelle!!

  • Meet November 29th's Winner, Ashley Rushing!!

    Ashley is a full-time LPN, full-time college student studying occupational therapy and she just became a certified personal trainer through ISSA. She is a single mother to 4 boys, ages 4, 5, 10 and 12! Keep grindin' Ash, we see you!!

  • Meet November 8th's Winner, Carmen Balance!!

    Carmen was nominated by one of her children, who says "My mother is the hardest working person/woman I know. She always will to give her last, a helpful hand & the shirt off her back if need be to see others happy. She go beyond the role of what consider daily to ensure quality. She always moving and can never really have much time for herself. From working full-time as an LPN to Daycare services to her own children to her grandchildren & parents. I just want her to know she very loved and very appreciate even though its not always said it is Love!"

  • Meet November 1st's Winner, Ramona Clemons!!

    Ramona says, "I am WNY's hardest working woman, as I am a mother of four children ages 9,8,7 and three. I do all that I can to make the best life for them. When I graduated high school I was a mother of three and I knew that failure wasn't an option. I opened up my own collection agency at 21 years old, I have a modeling management company and I am also a licensed real estate agent. I had my children young but I think I have done very well for myself and will continue to be there superwoman." We agree Ramona! Congrats and keep being amazing!