Yasiin Bey (formerly Mos Def) recently caused a tizzy on Twitter when photos of him wearing what is being described as a "skirt" surfaced online. The rapper-actor addressed his wardrobe choice at the Cape Town Music Exchange Conference in South Africa.

According to Mail & Guardian, when Bey was asked about the skirt, he responded, "It’s a wrap from Ghana, [it’s] what I’m comfortable in at home."

Speaking of home, the 'Umi Says' creator also revealed that he’s a permanent resident of South Africa.

At the conference, Bey said that he has moved from America to Cape Town and is living comfortably in the city.

"Last year May, I came [to Cape Town] and I said I'm not leaving. I'm staying. It's a beautiful place," he explained. "It has the ocean, mountain, botanical gardens and beautiful people."

"There are some beautiful places in America. I love Brooklyn," he added. "New York City needs to thank Brooklyn every day just for existing. That's how I feel about it. It was a hard thing to leave home. But I'm glad I did."

Although Bey has been relatively quiet on the music scene, the rapper says he is working on various projects. One of his pet music projects is a tribute album to the late poet-activist Gil-Scott Heron.

As for living in Cape Town, Bey says he loves the energy the people and city gives him on a daily basis.

"The arts, the crafts, the energy, the people coming out of this continent, are like no other in the world," he said. "Be aware that you are in a special place at a very special and unique time in history. Be encouraged. Yes, it is crazy, but that's okay. Hope has never been and will never be lost."

Bey also credits hip-hop for his fearless spirit and his optimistic attitude on life.

"I love its vitality and the way it speaks to young people. The way it spoke to me," he says. "It told me don't cry, don't despair. I got something for you to do with all the despair, anger and sadness inside of you. I got a way for you to turn that around."

What do you think of Yasiin Bey's move to South Africa and his kente wrap? Tell us in the comments below.

Yasiin Bey
Michelly Rall, Getty Images

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