Rap music that matters Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def is back with a remix to Kanye West and Jay-Z's song N's in Paris. He takes on some of the social issues that are going on with poor people in America. With lyrics like :

"These young bloods looking crazy at the mall. They wearing pants you cant still see they drawers. They robbed a Ni$$a in the bathroom stall they took his life because he didn't want to take it off"

I always took Jay-Z and Kanye's version to be a diss of working class people and every body bust their asses every day to make money. Its funny how people buy into things that they can't relate to. The average person will never have half of the material possessions that most rappers rap about. We buy into lyrics that basically tell us we aren't anything because we don't have millions of dollars. My life is cool I want more but I'm not mad because I don't have all Jay and Kanye have. Until people wake up and stop idolizing rich people things will never change. I'm not a Mos Def fan but I like his version a lot better.