It's funny how quickly things can change in the NFL.  Not just for the fans, but for the players too!

One day your team is sitting at the top of the division and looking like there's a lot of space between them and everyone else below them.  The next day they lose a bunch of players to injury and find themselves looking up at a different division leader.  It's all part of the game.

It's the same for the players.  One day they can be sitting on the couch watching teams play and the next get called in to play with the team that they were just watching!

The Buffalo Bills have been struck by the injury bug...hard.  I can't remember the last time the Bills had this many key players out at the same time.  So yesterday, they were scrambling to fill some roster spots.  They signed a lineman to fill the spot of Tommy Doyle because he went to IR, but they also needed a cornerback to fill the spots of injured Tre'Davious White and Dane Jackson.

They signed Xavier Rhodes who has been an all-pro player for years with the Minnesota Vikings and the Indianapolis Colts.  But what's crazy is that he was admiring this team just days before on Twitter.

He was even watching when the Bills walked away from Miami with an L.

Just hours later, he's been brought in to help out in a very diminished Buffalo secondary.  It feels good to have players on the team who can see that the Bills are on their way up still.  Hopefully he can fill the shoes of our cornerbacks while they're out and have an immediate impact with the Bills.

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