Y’all want a chance to win free Jay & Bey concert tickets for life? Welp…try going vegan and you just might have a shot!

Now, it’s no secret that Beyonce’s promoted being TeamV egan before, and we’ll never forget when she had us all drinking that cayenne pepper, lemon, water, sumn’ sumn’ mix, so why stop listening now? JayZ & Bey are challenging their fans to try out a plant based diet—be it full time or even switching out a couple meals—for a healthier lifestyle, and a chance to do the most at their concerts, for life!

You have a chance to win free tickets for “up to 30 years” if you enter the contest which ends on April 22nd.

Bey posted the post below on the ‘Gram to kick off the contest, and if you’re down for the challenge, go ahead and get all the info on how to participate right here! 

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