JoJo delivers her third album, titled Mad Love. The 11-track project contains two notable hip-hop artists, as Wiz Khalifa and Remy Ma appear on the songs "Fuck Apologies" and "FAB," respectively.

"Fuck Apologies" is a poppy, radio-friendly tune. On his verse, Wiz spits, "Okay, uh, no apologizing/Ain't no way to take the things you did back or disguise it/Always wonder what I'm doing but that's TMI/Don't know what you got until it's gone, now you realize it/When I wasn't playing smart now I'm being wise/Finally I'm moving on and I don't need your lies/And it wasn't even tough cause I can see the signs/Now you're stuck, call an Uber up if you need a ride."

Meanwhile, "FAB." is an acronym for "Fake Ass Bitches." On the track, Remy Ma raps, And for fraud broads, I don't give two fucks/If I say something, my moves'll back it/You be running your mouth and it don't match your actions/And I ain't throwing shade, I'm just saying/Act like it's a buffet and eat off your own plate/Cause it not a compliment when I say you fab/You just a F-A-B with your fake ass, bitch."

JoJo hasn't released an album since The High Road in 2016. She was just a teenager when that dropped. Now, the 25-year-old artist is excited to get back in the game. In a recent interview with RapUp, JoJo said, “I feel anxious. I’m nervous, I’m excited, I’m thankful. Now that I’m back, I’m just never gonna stop. You can’t get rid of me. There’s just nothing that’s gonna deter me from doing this the rest of my life. I’m really excited to get this album out, tour, and keep putting out content. I just want to keep growing.”

You can listen to Mad Love below via Apple Music. It's the deluxe version, which contains four bonus tracks.

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