The Kensington Expressway or Route 33 is known to most people from Buffalo as just "The 33". The 33 was started in 1958, and the construction drastically changed the nature of the east-side neighborhoods. The below-grade design was done to help minimize the noise of the passing automobiles.

A couple of Facts About The 33

It only takes about 10 minutes to get from downtown Buffalo to the Buffalo International Airport when traveling Kensington, another fact is the route services over 100,000 vehicles a day. There have been recent talks about possibly restoring the 33 back to its original design, making it a beautiful park again with updated amenities.

Some Of My Biggest Pet Peeves About The 33

Depending on when your traveling on the most popular expressway in Buffalo, it can be a slow go at times, because, anyone that lives in the suburb of Cheektowaga or any other surrounding suburb and works downtown, that is the route that everyone takes. I think one of my biggest pet peeves about driving on the 33 is the speed at which people travel, even on a Sunday you can find a few cars almost breaking the sound barrier as they speed up and down the 33. I think to myself if it only takes 10 minutes to get from one end to the other at a normal speed, why are you driving so fast?

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I think another reason why people don't really follow the speed limit on the 33 is that you rarely see any enforcement of the speed limit there, and it's hard to really be pulled over on the 33. I'll have to keep that in mind now that I'm writing this.

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