I remember when I first wanted to become a DJ, I was Slaving (oops I mean interning lol) at 93.7FM WBLK , I would just stand back and watch DJ Wolf, DJ Stoney, DJ Hassan and DJ Noodles doing their mix-shows and think to myself  "I Have To Learn How To Do That".At the time in fear of all of them saying NO I didn't want to ask them to show me how, so I went out and bought The Numark Total Control and I would sit in my studio practicing for hours trying to learn at least 1 percent of what I saw them doing. Well it payed off  because soon after I was getting booked to DJ events. So after about my 4Th event I was proud so I decided to show one of them my gear ( I wont say who and you will See why lol).  As I pulled it proudly out of my bag to show I heard something to the likes of "That's cool and all but if you ever plan on being a REAL Dj you have to get some turntables". Now looking back on it I was kinda hurt at that response but I didn't let it stop me I just saved from every event and finally spent about $700 on some CDJ Turntables, but only to hear "That's cool and all but you have to know how to spin vinyl". Again at that time it made me a little more frustrated but I kept on pushing and saving and about 3 months later I spent about $800 on some Vinyl Turntables, Finally I heard something to the likes of "Now your on the right track Let me know if you have any questions", I finally had the response I was looking for and I went home every day and practiced with all 3 setups which actually made me more versatile so it was all worth it in the end. And now I am better with all 3 and I have done maybe 100 events since then even opening up for DJ Funk Master Flex when he came to Buffalo.

(Disclaimer) LET ME MAKE THIS CLEAR !! now I understand that the responses I got back then wasn't meant to discourage me or to be what most would call a hater. It was partly just them JOKING with me and It was just at the time they had been doing it so long they new what steps needed to be made so they wanted me to be prepared because they take the craft serious just like I do now. Even though I may have never had to carry heavy crates like they did back in the day or even had to rock a party without Serato I respect the craft and everything I had to go through to get where I am at. My only hope is to one day be half as great as anyone of them. To this day we are all still great friends and I am still learning from watching them do what they do best.