Putting in a garden is something that most homeowners always say that they want to do. Very few actually can pull off a successful garden each summer. If you have every tried, you know how hard it can be and how much work is involved. The other issue is that when harvest time comes around, everything is ready at once and you have more than you can handle! But this summer, that is very good news.

Those of us who love the taste of homegrown tomatoes and produce and grew our own this year are in luck. There is a serious drought out west that is causing major concern for the tomato growers in California. That spells trouble for all the things that use tomatoes and tomato sauce as an ingredient. Like most anything these days, the cost of sauce, salsa and ketchup are about are rising and only going up from here.

We grew cherry tomatoes and some larger tomatoes this summer. I spent the evening weeding, fertilizing and watering them and it has paid off big time. Honestly, growing tomatoes is not as hard as you might think but they do need plenty of water. If your garden is bursting with ripe produce save as much as you can. Canning, freezing and storing tomatoes for the next few months will likely save your family a bunch of money.

Here in New York State, there are some areas that are dealing with severe drought conditions. With the growing season limited here, extra dry summers make things even more difficult for vegetable farmers. Don't be surprised if prices are up at the local produce stand.

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