I Recently had a conversation with one of the lil' youngins  in the neighborhood about his plans in life, and of course, besides being a football player, a rapper, or a gangster, he had no idea what he wanted to do. Until I schooled him.. I told him about the countless opportunities he has in this world, not just in Buffalo, or New York State, or the United States, I told him about the limitless options he has. See for decades we have been brainwashed by ourselves to believe that we have limits. That we can only have but so much in life before it gets regulated. and for the most part it's true. Only because we allow it. look at the bully and the bullied, if the bullied stands up for himself and fights for his right to happiness, security, and freedom, by any means necessary, the bully will become intimidated.

 Anyway, so I went on for maybe an hour about how much money he can make , being an Doctor, Engineer, Dentist, or a Lawer, I also told him about how much money he can make being a Nurse, an Accountant, or a Teacher. I told him how much money he can make being a Welder, a Barber, or a Mechanic.

Changing The Mind Set

When the conversation was over, I had him convinced, the only key to success is to strive for it. It felt good, I had accomplished possibly saving a life. Then he said it; "nobody ever told me what you told me". Damn, how many other young brothers are oblivious to this? Do they really think there only options are to become an athlete, a rapper, or a gangster.? And if so why, and what do we do to change this?

You know what we do? We stay in their face. From birth up until they gaduate from college we are constantly feeding them positive outcomes. We have to make it the norm for our young brothers and sisters to finish school and begin  proffesional careers.