The Central Cold Storage Warehouse, not so lovingly known as Albany's biggest eyesore, is up for auction.

For years people in the Capital Region have hope that something good would come of the old abandoned building that sticks out like an ugly scar on the Albany skyline. The current owner, Evan Blum, bought the building several years ago for $1.00 from Sunmark Federal Credit Union. When he bought the Central Warehouse he promised a grand transformation and a benefit to the Albany warehouse district. So far, years later, none of that has happened.

So now the biggest eyesore in Albany is up for auction by sealed bid. According to the Times Union, bids are already being received for the building.

So what would you do with it? Current owner Evan Blum wanted to transform it into space for artists and craftspeople to work on their trade. He also wanted to use the huge bland facade as a canvas for more artistic painting and some advertising.

Personally, I'd turn it into the biggest scariest haunted house in the nation. Bring in Hollywood special effects artists and transform it into a multi-level haunted house that could take hours to get through. People would come from all over to experience it.

My other brilliant idea is to sell it to a Hollywood production to blow it up. It's been in a few TV shows and movies like "Punisher" and "Salt" so it's already got some screen cred. Let just fill it full of explosives and blow it sky-high. Think Nakatomi Plaza in Die Hard. BOOM!

Check out what the Cental Warehouse looks like in the gallery below and then let me know what you'd do with Albany's biggest eyesore.

It's Up For Auction, But Who Wants To Buy The Old Central Warehouse?

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