Late last month the Buffalo Common Council, the legislative body in the City of Buffalo, voted to end the extremely controversial school zone speed camera program.

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That Resolution to end the speed camera program was sent to Mayor Byron Brown to either sign the legislation to make it law or veto the bill to send it back to the Council. If the mayor's office didn't take any action within 10 days, the resolution would automatically become law.

The Mayor has been outspoken with his support for the school zone speed program and does not believe this program should be ended, he vetoed the last bill that was passed by the Council at the end of 2020. However, this bill the Mayor didn't take any action on and it has officially become law.

So starting in September you are going to see some changes around school zones in Buffalo.

In addition to the removal of the cameras, Buffalo will start using various other measures around schools to reduce speed. Those measures include various traffic calming ideas like:

  • Adding 'SCHOOL' pavement markings on the ground at intersections
  • Ensuring crosswalks are completely marked
  • Using portable speed humps

The changes will be employed over the next few months because officials have to give the camera vendor at least 60 days' notice before ending their contract.

This sounds like good news for most residents of the City of Buffalo because many people were against this program.

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