Looking for love, maybe a great place to get to know someone new, or maybe a place to meet that someone who could become that "special" someone for a first date?


Dating is tough in Western New York, but when you have been married for 20 years like I have, looking for a special place for a night out is a chore, especially since we moved to the Southtowns recently.

Before we moved, my wife Elizabeth and I had our three spots in Amherst that we would rotate. We knew the food would be good, the crowds wouldn't be too bad and we got to know the staff. We knew that we would have a great time when we headed out.

Now that we are "Southtowners" we have to start all over again. Of course, the best place to get information is straight from the horse's mouth, so I asked you where the best date night places are in the Southtowns. We were looking for places where we could hang out, enjoy time with each other, and not have it crazy busy.

Apparently, ya'll are very romantic because I got lots of great suggestions. From restaurants to bars, to places for a picnic and walks along the water, there are a ton of places to take a date in the Southtowns.

Check out these amazing places for a date from you the Southtowners.

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