Despite global panic, thousands of reported deaths and the president declaring it a national emergency, Waka Flocka Flame doesn't believe the hype about the coronavirus.

On Friday (March 13), Waka and his wife Tammy Rivera sat down for an interview with Real 92.3 LA. During the talk, the biggest news in the world right now, the continual worldwide spread of COVID-19, came up. Waka didn't sound the least bit worried and called the whole situation bogus.

"It's fake," he responded when asked by host J Cruz if he was concerned (11:45 mark). "Minorities can't catch it, we straight. Name one."

When Cruz asked him about the confirmed coronavirus cases in Atlanta, Waka also dismissed them.

"It hit the people passing through our airport. I ain't hit them soul food folks," he responded.

Waka appears to be misinformed. At least two widely-publicized cases of the coronavirus involve minorities including NBA players Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell. While Waka doesn't seem worried, many are. As of press time, there have been 2,499 confirmed cases in the U.S. resulting in 55 deaths. The virus scare has led to the shut down of the NCAA's March Madness, the NBA Playoffs and countless other sporting events.

The live music scene has been hit hard as well. 2020 SXSW has been canceled. The 2020 Coachella Festival has been postponed. Post Malone recently faced backlash for performing an arena show in Denver despite the state of emergency.

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