You've got a photographer to capture memories at your wedding.  Do you really need a videographer too?  You sure do.  Here's why.

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If your budget is getting eaten up by all the vendors that you've hired already and you're thinking about skipping a videographer for your wedding, I'd encourage you to rethink that decision.  Here are 5 reasons why you want to make sure to have one:

1. They can capture things that are happening while you're doing other things

As much as you'd probably like to be, you can't be everywhere at your wedding.  When you're being introduced, you're normally the last to come through the door. You'll be able to watch those dances that your bridal party are choreographing to make the rest of your guests laugh over and over again if someone gets them on video.  If not, you'll have to just listen to other people describe them to you and imagine how they looked.

2. You can't replace the sound of your family's voices

As much as we would like for them to, our family members don't all live forever.  Years after the event is long gone, there's nothing like hearing your grandfather's advice or your grandma saying grace before the meal.  With a videographer you can hear every word any time you want.

3. The work videographers can do these days is nothing short of amazing

Some of these companies can produce movies for you that are nothing short of what professional documentary films produce.  The production and quality is incredible with some of these companies.  They'll often even give you teaser videos that are shorter as you wait for the full length version to be finished.

4. You'll have the memories forever

Back in the day you would get a video tape that would last as long as that tape would physically last.  Once the tape began to deteriorate, there go your memories.  Now, you get digital copies that can always be accessed with crystal clear quality.

5. Have you ever been to a wedding in NY?  They're ridiculous! You never know what's going to happen.

I mean that in the best way possible.  They really can be fun.  Did you see what happened during the cake cutting?  Remember how everyone raged when they played that one song?  These are things that you can't necessarily capture with just a still photo.  While the photographers these days are amazing too, their art is just a little different.

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