Ahead of its release in theaters this Friday, several critics have taken to Twitter to share their first impressions of Venom: Let There Be Carnage. The movie is a direct sequel to 2018’s Venom, which debuted Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, an investigative journalist who serves as host to the alien symbiote. Venom: Let There Be Carnage picks up over a year after the events of the first movie, reintroducing us to Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson), a serial killer who is host to the alien symbiote Carnage.

The overall consensus is that Venom: Let There Be Carnage succeeds in recapturing the fun, violent energy of the 2018 superhero flick. This could go both ways, of course. If you enjoyed Venom, you'll likely enjoy the follow-up. But if you didn't like it... You probably won't like this one either.

Another reviewer called the movie “stupid,” but in a very positive way. It was so stupid, he would watch 10 more Venom movies. Luckily, Hardy is already signed on for at least one more Venom movie.

Not every review was overwhelmingly positive. One critic noted that the action and humor “doesn't always land.” Nonetheless, he praised the film for embracing the “absurd buddy romance” between Eddie and Venom even more than the first film.

Would it even be a superhero movie if talks of a post-credits scene weren't floating about? One reviewer described Let There Be Carnage as “delightfully self aware and weird,” with a post-credits scene you can’t miss.

Here are some more critic reactions to Let There Be Carnage, which applaud its “darkly hilarious” tone:

Venom: Let There Be Carnage arrives in theaters on Friday, October 1.

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