According to an NBC News article,  Cindy Kiel, executive associate vice chancellor for research administration at the University of California, Davis. said this:

“We haven't done any research on the stuff that people are buying and consuming today — that’s the problem,” 

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Physician and Marijuana Research Specialist, Dr, Sue Sisley said this, according to the NBC Report: 

“We’re trying to make sure the public is aware of what we believe is an injustice, a suppression of scientific freedom, and to understand the myriad ways that the government has ensured that cannabis drug development research will never proceed.”

...and this from George Hodgin, founder of the Biopharmaceutical Research Company, a marijuana analytical firm, according to the NBC News article,

“Effectively 200 million Americans can access cannabis right now, but a doctor or scientist can’t.   It is at best irresponsible, and, at worst, it’s dangerous.”

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