It’s been three years since the passing of Michael Jackson, yet not a day goes by where he isn’t remembered.  Whether it’s through his words, his music, or even his dance moves, MJ's legend lives on through artists who credit their careers to the influences of the King of Pop.  Watch the top 3 Celebrity Tribute performances inside.

#3. Janet Jackson's touching 2009 VMA performance of "Scream."

#2. 2010 Grammy Tribute to Michael. At the end of the star-loaded performance of "Earth Song," MJ's children Prince and Paris said a few special words about their father.

#1, Chris Brown at the 2010 BET Music Awards. This is our favorite for the very strong and highly emotional tribute that he couldn't even finish. Chris Brown highly credits Michael Jackson when it comes to his musical and artistic inspiration.

Celebrities all over the world attribute the late Michael Jackson for being their greatest influence for not just their musical talents, but in their life as well. Michael is responsible for what music is today, and as a final tribute, watch the video below to see what MJ meant to everyone.

Bun B said it best.

On a scale of one to 10, 10 passed away last summer. So everybody from here on out can only be one through 9.9.

I personally can’t find a better way to put it, Rest in peace, Michael Jackson.