TLC just dropped some nice visuals for their song "Way Back," featuring Snoop Dogg, a single off their forthcoming, self-titled album that was paid through crowd-funding.

The video shows Chilli and T-Boz grooving at a house party, as they dance in front of lowriders and sport '90s styled attire. For some reason, the throwback outfits don't look corny at all — they look cool, in fact, almost fashion forward.

Anyway, before the clip is over you'll see both singers perform in the kitchen, on a rooftop and in a driveway. A bit later, Snoop appears and although he shot his part at another location, his presence in the video only makes the good times better.

"Twistin' up a twenty sack, fishing, listening, reminiscing about the days of way back / Where the ladies at? I need to find one, top designer / Baby, can you help me find one? / A real one, not a phony, I want a own me / Never leave me lonely, be my tender roni," he spits.

The video for "Way Back" comes about one month after TLC dropped the song "Haters," and they also released the tracklist for their new album, which drops June 30.

You can check out their new video above.

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