It was a holiday weekend for weed fans, being 4/20 and all. But one of the celebrations in Denver took a turn for the worse, as shots were fired at a show in Colorado on Saturday, April 20, which featured Lil Flip.

The show was a rally meant to celebrate the state of Colorado's legalization of pot. But things got ugly when two people and a dog were shot at the event, which was held at Denver's Civic Center Park, according to a Hip Hop DX report.

The shooting took place around 5PM local time. It is believed that the culprit was a lone shooter, but that he was assisted after-the-fact by a suspect who was caught on video.

Fox News reports that Denver's gang unit now has the case, although it has not been confirmed that it was a gang-related shooting.

The gig was halted due to the gunfire.

The video news report from the situation is below. It's a shame that things got violent. Locals are said to be worried that the shooting could set back pro-pot efforts.

Watch News Footage From the Shooting at a Denver Show Feat. Lil Flip

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