Hey! I'm ReddRoxx, WBLK Intern and tonight on This Week in Hip Hop w/ ReddRoxx we discussed some of what's going on in the Hip Hop world...

Can we call this a Come Back? Lil' Kim has released the cover for her new banger "Keys to the City" Featuring the one and only Young Jeezy. At first, I can admit that I really didn't take Lil' Kim serious on Black Friday or any other responses she followed up with regarding Nicki Minaj, however she has surprised me with her latest song and I am officially taking her serious and in my opinion, I think we can safely say that Kim is back, what do you think? Also let me know what you think about the album cover!! Listen to ----> Lil' Kim "Keys to the City"

African-American Women are 35% more likely to develop heart disease which is one of the leading causes of heart attacks. These sobering statistics are brought even more into the light when Tami Roman of Basketball Wives was rushed to the hospital earlier this week and was said to have suffered from a "mild heart attack". She released a statement saying that she is doing well and she should be back to work in no time. This must've been very scary and you are definitely in our prayers!

Soooo...Lil' Kim's Arch nemesis Nicki Minaj had a Janet Jackson like moment on stage while performing at American Idol! She had an apparent wardrobe malfunction with her low-cut multi-colored bra-top! Then possibly out of shear embarrassment and maybe to help take the attention off of her, she picks a fight with J-Lo?? Not sure what's been going on in the world of Nicki lately but it seems to be one blooper after another! She better get it together because Lil' Kim is definitely coming for the crown!

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