Finally Jim Jones releases another album, fans have been highly anticipating this CAPO release. first let me start by saying "I AM A TRUE DIPSET FAN" i have been following the movement since years ago when they flooded the streets with Numerous Mix Tapes, and i can honestly say that JIM JONES has come along way as an artist. with every release you can notice that he is more comfortable as an artist. This is evident right from the start with the Intro track where he goes into details about his financial (tax) problem "IRS said i owe them 8 mill", you can feel the emotion in his voice as he spits every bar. Jim also in listed some pretty Major features on the album Game,Prodigy,Sen City to name a few. But the most surprising Feature is Dipset Boss CAMRON, for those of you who knew the history and how they went from best friends to beefing with each other you know that this is Major. Production on this release was also up to par.All together i would have to say this was a Solid release from CAPO, My only issue (if you call it that) is that Jim seems enlist Sen City on what seems like every hook. Sen is very talented but in my opinion some times you can Over Feature someone, but besides that No Complaints here. In Closing i would have to say that Track #8 LET ME FLY is my favorite the lyrics and the production just fits perfectly. But make sure you go and get the Album for your self so you can make your own conclusion and as always DIP SET !!! DIP SET !!! (yeah i had to throw that in there lol).