If you haven't been paying attention to the politics of Hip Hop knows Trinidad James basically called New York rappers out for being wack. In a interview with VladTV he explains what he meant and responding on NY rapper Maino leaking their phone call.

Here is Trinidad James speaking on the situation

Here is NY rapper Maino's response

This whole thing is stupid. I don't think Trinidad James meant any harm with making those comments. He was jumping out there by making that challenge to come and see him. Trinidad James doesn't strike me as a guy who is about that life. So why even go there ?

Maino on the other hand was absolutely wrong for recording that conversation and releasing it. That was a industry "I want to get some attention" move. I respect Maino more than that, I wonder who convinced him to put out that conversation ? I hope New York City rappers get it together soon. This is tragic, to have a horrible rapper commenting about how horrible the rap is in your city.

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