Everyone is feeling the effects of the recession from the lower class maybe the middle class and especially the middle class. With businesses looking for ways to increase profits and keep spending at a minimum, regular hard working people are feeling the pinch. But even in tough economic times certain things stay the same. One of those things is the good old saying “The rich is getting richer and the poor is getting poorer”. I recently read an article that showed the distribution of wealth in the U.S and I have never seen something so one sided in my life. It’s as if money is on a one way street. The gap between the rich and the poor has grown enormously over the past 30 years. The poorest 90% of American people make about $31,000 (household) a year while the top 1% earn over a million a year. Middle class income starts around $35,000 so the middle and lower are moving closer and closer together.

All over America people are complaining about how wealth is unevenly distributed. Companies are sending jobs overseas in order to increase profit. The argument that they use is that they can not afford to pay American labor and the operation expense is too high, but CEO’s and share holders are making more money than ever before.  With the amount that some of these people make they can more that afford to pay American labor and operating cost. It seems like the haves are tighten there grip on what they have and taking what little the have not’s already have.  But don’t get me wrong, I’m a strong capitalist, those who work hard should reap the rewards from the work even if it’s a crazy amount of money, that’s the way it was all set up. With that being said I ask two questions, “Has greed and capitalism in this country gotten out of control?”  What can be done about the unequal distribution of wealth?”  Let me know what you think.

WBLK Intern Terri Polk contributed to this article