The Game and 50 Cent have a long and complicated history, with great music and harsh words. But it's been a short since either has lashed out about the other, the beef  has been settled for some time now. According to if The Game has his way, the two will get back into the booth for a G-Unit reunion. Game, who is finishing up his fourth LP The Red Album, reached out to 50 Cent via Twitter last night. At this point 50 Cent caught wind of Game's tweets and made one of his own, which Game re-tweeted and responded to.

After hearing about Game’s proposal to bring the Unit back together in it’s five-member format, Young Buck included, Lloyd Banks stated “We did that dance already, we formed the group G-unit to establish ourselves as solo artists. I think it’s time for us to pay 50 back. It’s reversed now. I’m out here trying to better myself as an individual so when we do form the monster known as G-Unit the group, it will be that much easier on us.”

“It’s too late to cry over spilled milk,” Banks added. “I would be interested to see if those same attempts to reach out to 50 Cent would be made if he had a number one record on radio right now.”

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