Are you BRAVE ENOUGH to take "The Food Stamp Challenge".  I say and stress "BRAVE ENOUGH" because according to the "rules" respective to taking the Food Stamp Challenge", you will have to live on $4.32 per day worth of food for a month.

The "Real Challenge" and question, in my opinion, Can You Maintain A Healthy Diet On A Food Stamp Budget of $4.32 A Day?  According to different Food Stamp Challenge news stories I've watched on YouTube, there are actually people starving to DEATH in the United States due to "Malnutrition".  When you hear the word "Malnutrition" you automatically think "Not Enough Food" which is NOT THE CASE!  Malnutrition encompasses the word "NUTRITION" someone Mal-Nutritioned is someone who isn't getting the proper nutrition.

What is "proper nutrition"?  Well feasibly, on a $4.32 a day "Food Stamp Budget" you could actually go to one of those $1.00 Stores and purchase a bag or box of cookies, a 2 liter soda pop, a large bag of chips, and some Ramen Noodles and be completely bloated and uncomfortably full and satisfied for the day!  But after 30 days, and beyond, you could not possibly live too very long a life with that type of "NUTRITION" would most certainly be 100% MALNUTRTIONED eventually and die!

Well, what is a HEALTHY DIET and ultimately can you maintain ...and afford...a HEALTHY DIET on a $4.32 Food Stamp Budget?  We should know that a Healthy Diet consists of Fruits and Vegetables, a good source of protein, and minimal starch.

If you are living on a limited $4.32 a day Food Stamp Budget and you're eating a healthy diet, please share with me what types of foods and recipes your diet consists of that make it such that you have mastered The Food Stamp Challenge.  Is it possible?

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