1. The Survivalist Driver
They're ready for anything. Whether it's from having spent a harrowing night snowed in on the Thruway, or just a good listener to cautionary winter driving tales, this driver has it all. In the trunk you'll find an emergency road kit (complete with flares), blankets, bottled water, granola bars, a hand-crank radio, fully-charged backup phone batteries, shovel, sandbags, and playing cards.


2. The Woefully Underprepared Driver
This driver often has the "OMG it's snowing?" look on their faces while driving. Usually only a peephole sized space brushed off on one window (because they don't have a snow brush or scraper in the car yet). Miraculously manages to make it home every time, swearing that they'll put the snow brush in the car tomorrow.


3. The Winter Amnesia Driver
Forgets all winter driving skills, despite having lived in Buffalo their entire life. On the first snowfall, you can spot these drivers going no faster than 11mph on the 33, usually with flashers on.


4. The Obviously Out-of-Town Driver
At times can be mistaken for a Winter Amnesia driver, you can accurately spot this driver by their south of Ohio license plates.


5. The Buffalo Pro
This driver always has jumper cables (and knows how to use them), can get their car out of a snowbank with their floor mats, and has the same ice scraper/snow brush combo since the Blizzard of '77. Probably also has a 6-pack of Genny at home, just in case.

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