Veterans Day

Home In Time For Veterans Day
This year at least 40 families in Western New York will be able to celebrate Veterans Day with their personal hero as the 107th Airlift Wing return home.
The airmen and women spent the past four months in a undisclosed location in southwest Asia as part of Operation Enduring Freedom for the New York …
Celebrate Veterans Day in Buffalo
The words "American" and "freedom" are synonymous with each other. If the freedoms we possess were gone, we would, in essence, not be Americans. Therefore, it is extremely important to observe and celebrate the freedoms we have and honor those who fought to gain and retain those …
Honor Veterans ToDay 11-11-11
It’s a day to honor all veterans.  A national ceremony will be held today at 11 a.m. at Arlington National Cemetery.  A wreath will be placed at Tomb of the Unknowns followed by a ceremony inside the Memorial Amphitheater.
Happy Birthday USMC
There’s word that the United States Marine Corps (USMC) is celebrating its 236th birthday. I know there are a lot of past and present Marines who are and remain proud on this special day.  The country owes a debt of gratitude to the men and women who made the commitment to …