The Coolest Buffalo, NY-Themed Tattoos [PICTURES]
Buffalonians are pretty passionate people -- especially about their hometown. We love beer, football, hockey, chicken wings and everything 716; and we will permanently put that on our body because that's how proud we are.
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Do You Have a 'DOPE TAT'?
Do you have a 'Dope Tat'?  Click the link below to enter WBLK's "DOPEST TATTOO" Contest for a chance to win Tickets to Rihanna's 'Anti-World Tour' March 23rd at the First Niagara Center!!!  The competition is fierce based on the entrants we&a…
Mariah Off His Back
Guess Nick wanted to make sure Mariah knew it’s definitely over. Check out his new tattoo to cover up his ex’s name, it took over 30 hours to complete.
Biggest Tattoo Mistakes [Pics]
Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but a tattoo is forever! What is the biggest mistake you can make with a tattoo? Check out some of the worst Tattoos ever!
Amber Rose Gets Wiz Khalifa’s Stoned Face Tattooed on Her Arm
There's no denying that Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are in love -- they do have a wonderful baby boy, Sebastian Taylor AKA Bash, together, plus they certainly don't hide it on their social media accounts. The two love birds got engaged last year, but the ring on her left hand wasn'…
Rihanna’s Nude GQ Photo Shoot
We are just 7 days away from Rihanna's seventh album release Unapologetic. Meanwhile, she has something for her fans to marvel at, her naked body on the cover of GQ's Magazine! Check out Rih Rih's historic photo shoot inside.

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