Shemika Charles

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Buffalo has been home to quite a few famous people over time! Most people know Rick James is from Buffalo, but you might be surprised by these other famous people who grew up in the city! Check them out, do you think you'll know them all?
Shemika Charles World Record!
I am amazed and have no clue how in the world she does it, and speaking of "World", Shemika Charles has done it again. That's right, Buffalo's Limbo Queen has set a new world record! Shemika traveled to China this past January and AMAZINGLY bent her body backwards leaving only 12 inches between herself and the floor and wiggled her way under the limbo stick to set a new world record... R
Happy Shemika Charles Day ! [VIDEO]
Who is Shemika Charles and why does she have a day ? In 2010 Shemika Charles set the Guinness World Record for the women's lowest limbo. She cleared 8.5 inches. Mayor Byron Brown declared 10/08 "Shemika Charles Day" in Buffalo to honor her record...